3 Reasons You're Dealing With Drain Clogs

Posted on: 8 March 2017

Are your sinks draining slowly? If so, then a clogged drain is the culprit. Putting it off will just result in a more severe blockage, which could weaken pipe joints or lead to an overflowing mess. The following are the top three reasons your drains are clogged, and what you can do to fix the problem.

Reason #1: Tree roots

When every drain in the house seems to be moving slowly or if you have water backing up from your basement floor drain, the clog is likely in the main sewer drain leading from your home. Tree roots are often the main cause of a blockage in this drain. The roots enter the drain seeking the moisture. Paper, hair, and other debris that goes down your home's drains then becomes entangled in the roots and makes the clog worse.

The fix is relatively simple: have the drains rooted out by a plumber, which will use a mechanical rooter to clear the clog. You can then put a root killer down your drains annually to prevent further issues.

Reason #2: Grease

Clogs in the kitchen are often the result of grease in the drain. If you pour fat or oil down your drains, or frequently wash greasy dishes, the grease particles collect in your drain. Although grease is liquid when hot, as soon as cold water goes down the drain the grease hardens. This hardened grease then traps food particles are causes a clog.

The best prevention is to keep as much grease as possible out of your drains. Pour cooking grease into an old coffee can for disposal instead of dumping it down the drain. When you do wash greasy dishes, either pour a pot of boiling water down the drain immediately to wash out the grease residue or run the hot tap water for a few minutes to rinse it out.

Reason #3: Soap scum

The soap that goes down the drain in the bathroom sink or tub often results in clogs. This is simply because the soap residue builds up in the pipe, where it traps hair, dry skin, and everything else that gets flushed down a bathroom drain. Toothpaste and other toiletries compound the problem.

You can sometimes fix the issue yourself with a drain snake, which pulls the clog out. It's also important to use a screen or hair catcher in the drain to cut down on clogs.

Contact companies like First Class Plumbing LLC in your area if you need more help in clearing a clog in your drain.