Why You Should Inspect Your Sewer Line More Often With A Camera

Posted on: 8 March 2017

Sewer line repairs often need to be left to professionals. It is simply too difficult to find out what is wrong with the sewer line without having the tools necessary to see inside the sewer lines. One of the most important tools for sewer line repair is a camera inspection. This is a no-brainer when compared with the old method of digging up your yard in order to inspect the pipe. But there are many reasons why you should have your pipes inspected by a camera more often than you think you should.

Why A Camera Inspection Is Important

The camera allows for sewer repair technicians to find out the exact location of the problem and the nature of the problem. It may not be clear whether the sewer line problem is the result of a clog, tree roots that have infiltrated the line or ground movement that has caused the sewer line to collapse. The nature of the problem will determine the approach that then needs to be taken to fix the sewer line. 

How An Inspection Can Reveal Surprises

Cameras can discover surprises in your sewer line. For example, you may find that a diamond ring is a part of the clog if that ring accidentally fell down the drain. Valuables often find themselves lodged in a pipe forever, unless they are retrieved. Depending on the value of the item, it may pay for the cost of sending the camera down. 

Avoid More Expensive Problems In The Future

Having your sewer line inspected with a camera can allow for problems to be discovered long before they become serious problems. There may be some minor corrosion that will become more serious over time and eventually cause a hole that would cause problems for your sewer line. If these problems are corrected early on, the cost of having the problem corrected is lower than the cost of repairing a more serious problem down the road.

Have An Inspection Before Buying A Home

One of the best times to have your sewer lines inspected is before you have purchased a new home, especially if the home seller pays for the inspection. If a problem that would cost thousands of dollars is discovered, the home seller could pay for the repairs or may reduce the cost of the home. Depending on the nature of the damage, you may choose to pass on the home altogether.

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