How Efficient Is Your Kitchen Sink?

Posted on: 11 May 2017

The kitchen is one of the major strongholds of productivity in the home. Whether you're preparing a meal, cleaning the dishes, or just getting a drink of water while getting on with your life, the sink is an investment with quite a few features that you won't appreciate unless they're broken. If you're tired of taking out heavy, stinky trash bags full of food or don't know what that weird taste is in your water, consider a few plumbing repair and upgrade options for your kitchen sink.

Garbage Disposals For Enhancing Cleanup

The garbage disposal is hardly a new or novel device, but it goes underappreciated in many households that try to live with the bare basics. Especially in the case of first time homeowners, the garbage disposal can be an easily forgotten or overlooked feature that packs a serious punch in terms of benefits.

Although a garbage disposal prime function is to get rid of food waste so that you don't have to carry it away in a trash bag, it helps keep your plumbing clean when used properly. When a garbage disposal is turned on, a vortex of water is created that drills down the plumbing path, ripping away food particles and other buildup that could create heavy residue.

The temptation to put too much food down the garbage disposal is a risk, but clogging happens to households without garbage disposals as well. Once you've achieved the right balance of disposable food waste management, you can cut down clogs caused by accidental dropping significantly.

In addition to being a more powerful way to keep pipes clean, most garbage disposals are chambers that are safe havens for dropped jewelry and other items. Simply make sure that no one around you is playing near the garbage disposal or working inattentively near the switch and get the item, or turn the device off at the unit switch if you have a model with that option. A plumber can install the garbage disposal and even help you shop for specific features. 

Bad Water? Mineral Water? What Matters?

How is your home's drinking water? Is your city usually bad with water treatment, either because of too much of a treatment solution or a bad flavor that tastes like a nearby swamp? A plumber can take care of that by adding a water treatment system of your choice.

Water treatment systems vary in simplicity and features from the filters attached to the faucet to in-line purification systems installed in the plumbing path. Some offer deep levels of filtration for specific substances, while others offer to add minerals that the human body needs.

Minerals are not present in distilled water and sometimes at low levels in tap water, so your area may benefit from a mineral filter and infuser. This comparison paper discusses the substances present in water from various sources, as well as highlighting the need for minerals to avoid what few minerals your body has consumed being pulled out as you drink and urinate "mineral void" water.

Contact a plumbing services professional like Carolina Pipe Pros to discuss garbage disposals, water filters, and other accessories to repair and/or augment your home's plumbing problems.