Does Your Pipe Fitting Company Refuse To Improve Safety? It Might Be Time To Unionize

Posted on: 30 May 2018

Pipe fitting can be a very rewarding and lucrative job if it is done properly and safely. Unfortunately, some firms may skip out on the safety because they don't want to pay extra money. If your firm is failing to protect the health and well-being of you and your fellow pipe fitters, unionizing can force them to comply with your need for safety.

Pipe Fitting Can Be A Dangerous Job

Pipe fitters are often injured in the workplace due to the unique demands of the position. For example, steam may escape a pipe suddenly and scald them or a pipe may break and land on them. Many of these situations can be easily avoided with proper OSHA-approved procedures.

However, some employers may balk at these regulations or simply ignore them completely. When this happens, employees like you may be seriously injured or even killed on the job due to simple safety upgrades that your boss refused to perform.

OSHA Has Broad Regulations That Must Be Considered

OSHA has created many different regulations that are put in place to ensure that pipe fitters and other workers are safe. However, your employer may consider these regulations to be more of a polite suggestion than anything to take seriously. That's because inspectors don't show up that regularly and can be temporarily fooled when they do show up.

Failure to comply with these regulations may result in serious fines and other issues for your employer. However, they may find that paying the fines are cheaper than simply improving workplace safety. They are putting their bank account ahead of the health and safety of you and your fellow pipe fitters. You don't have to stand for that and must take steps to fight back.

Unionizing Has Many Benefits

If your pipe fitter company refuses to improve their safety procedures and prefers to leave you and your workers at a serious risk, it is worth considering unionizing. Becoming a unionized workforce creates a united front that you can utilize to fight for increased safety procedures, such as proper stress testing for your pipes before they are fit.

Just as importantly, you can reach out to groups, such as OSHA, and report these violations. Coming together in a pipe fitters union makes your complaint seem more valid and creates a more productive and effective way of forcing your company to protect you and your co-workers more fully.

While you are going to get some pushback from your employer when you try to unionize, it is still worth trying if you want to keep you and your fellow pipe fitters safe. This step should only be taken if your employer continually fails to do what is necessary for your protection.