Need Your Septic Tank Pumped? Know How To Prepare For It

Posted on: 12 July 2018

All septic tanks need to be pumped at some point, with the frequency depending on the people living in your home and how much water is used. When the time comes to get the tank pumped, it will help to do some preparation in advance of it happening. Here are some tips about what you should do.

Identify the Location of the Tank

A septic tank that is hidden underneath overgrown shrubs or other items is more than an inconvenience to a septic tank service company such as B & B Drain Tech Inc. In fact, not identifying the tank can actually cost you in the end. That's because septic tank service companies often charge a fee for having to locate the tank if you don't know where it's located and a fee for any excavation needed to access the tank. New septic tank owners are typically not aware of this until they get the first bill and see the itemized charges.

Take some time to identify the location of the tank and do some digging so the tank is easy to access. This will help reduce the total cost of maintaining the tank as well as making the pumping process go smoothly.

Clear a Path to the Tank

A septic tank service company will drive a truck up to the septic tank so that they can run the hoses to it. You'll need a clear path to the tank for the company to bring in their service truck. This includes moving any parked cars, lawn furniture, or outdoor items that could be in the way of where the truck needs to go.

When moving large items, be sure to not place them on top of the drain field, since it is not good for it. Heavy items compact the soil and make it tough for the drain field to work. You should also not water the grass prior to the septic tank service company arriving if they need to drive over it. Wet soil can cause the heavy truck to put deep gouges into the lawn which will not look great.

Stop All Water Usage Prior to Pumping

In order for the septic tank service company to do their job and pump the septic tank, all water use will need to stop. This means that you have to plan any water usage prior to the pumping. For instance, don't start the washing machine or run the dishwasher right before they come.