3 Reasons To Clean Your Ducts

Posted on: 1 August 2018

Have you cleaned your air ducts? If the answer is no — you're causing yourself more harm than good. Sure, the refrigerant, evaporator coils, and other system components cool the air. Yet, the ducts are responsible for delivering the cooled air throughout your home. Over time, dust and other particles can settle inside the duct canals. Learn why it's essential you clean your air ducts.

1. Improved Air Quality

Clean your ducts to experience better air quality in your home. At any given time, there is likely dust, dirt, and other allergen particles in the air that is flowing in from the outside unit of your air conditioning. If you have a pet, there is also pet dander and hair in the air. While an air filter does a great job at trapping some of these particles, a fair amount of them settle inside the air duct canals. 

Each time you turn on your heating or cooling system, some of the particles attach to the air. For allergy sufferers, the allergen-ridden air makes for an uncomfortable experience. Duct cleaning removes the buildup and provides your family with cleaner air to breathe. 

2. Proper Air Flow Maintained

Your air conditioning system can work just fine. However, if there is an issue that prevents the cooled air from flowing through the ducts, your home won't be as comfortable as you had imaged. 

A buildup of dirt and grime in the air ducts can impede air flow. In this instance, being uncomfortable is just the start of your concern. A restriction in airflow also means that the air conditioning system must work harder to cool your home. A system that is overworked will also experience greater wear and have a reduced lifespan. 

3. Reduced Energy Consumption

A professional duct cleaning can also help you save money. When an air conditioning system works harder, one thing is for sure — the system burns more energy. The more energy that your cooling system consumes, the higher your bills.

Duct cleaning removes all the particles that are restricting the airflow through the ducts so that you can keep your home cool without going over your budget for your monthly energy cost. To ensure your bills are manageable long term, have the ducts cleaned regularly.   

The benefits of a professional duct cleaning extend far beyond those advantages listed here. Contact an HVAC company such as H.R. Stewart Inc. to learn about more duct cleaning benefits and to schedule the service.