Six Ways To Prevent Malfunctions In Your Plumbing Fixtures

Posted on: 3 October 2019

Plumbing malfunctions are a cumbersome hassle when they occur, and they can be very expensive to fix. It's best to prevent them rather than deal with them after they occur to make life easier for your entire household.

The following are six ways to prevent malfunctions in your plumbing fixtures:

Have frequently clogging drains professionally cleaned

If your drains are clogging often, they probably should be cleaned. Repeatedly clogging drains are a good indication that residue is built up deep in your pipes that can only be removed by a thorough cleaning. Drain cleanings don't only prevent future clogs, but they can also make your drains smell fresher. 

Pay attention to your water pressure

Poor water pressure can prevent your toilets from flushing and make showers inconvenient. Poor water pressure can also make your pipes more likely to experience blockages and clogs. 

The best thing to do to make sure that your water pressure stays high enough is to install a pressure regulator. 

Inspect pipes for leaks

Leaks that develop in pipes are likely to expand over time. They, therefore, need to be remedied right away. Tell-tale signs of leaks include wet spots on your walls and ceilings. You also might notice pooling water on your floors if leaks are developing in your pipes.

Be aware of what items you shouldn't put down your drains

A log of drain clogs and malfunctions are caused when homeowners try to put things they shouldn't down their drains.

When it comes to your toilets, don't put anything down them other than toilet paper. When it comes to your sinks, avoid letting solids get down your drains. Also, don't pour oily or greasy liquids down drains because they could solidify as they cool and create clogs. 

Have your water heater drained periodically

Draining your water heater is important because sediment tends to build up in water heaters over time. This sediment detracts from the quality of the hot water in your home. It can lead to water discoloration and also decrease the water pressure in your shower. 

Have your sewer system or septic tank inspected periodically

Malfunctions of a home's sewer system or septic tank are terribly unpleasant to go through. They can cause backup issues that lead to unpleasant smells and sanitation problems in a home.

It's a good idea to have inspections performed periodically on your sewer system or septic tank to make sure your system stays in the best possible shape. 

For more information and tips, contact a local plumber