What Can Cause You To Lose Water Pressure In All Your Fixtures?

Posted on: 24 September 2020

If you lose water pressure in one plumbing fixture, you can usually determine that the problem exists with that particular fixture. If you lose water pressure in all your fixtures, it indicates a bigger problem. What can cause this to occur? When you lose water pressure in all your plumbing fixtures, you need to call a plumber. The plumber will examine the system and will likely find one of the following reasons as the problem.

The Well

The first thing the plumber might check is the well if your home has one. When a home uses a well for water, you can lose water pressure if you have a problem with the well. A well can run out of water or experience other problems. If there is a problem with your well, the plumber will locate the problem and repair it.

The Water Pump

The second thing the plumber might check is the water pump. The water pump is a device that pulls the water up from the well into your home. A water pump can stop working for various reasons. One reason is when the pump loses its prime. Losing the prime can interfere with the pump's ability to provide water. When this happens, it usually causes you to have no water. If the pump is worn out, it might not be pulling up enough water, leaving you with low pressure.

A Leak in the Supply Line

The third cause of low water pressure is leaks. If the main water line has a leak in it, water will escape from the pipe as it transfers water to your fixtures. Your fixtures will still get water, but they will not get as much. As a result, you will see a decrease in your water pressure in every fixture.

Corrosion in the Pipes

The final thing that might cause you to lose water pressure is pipe corrosion. If you have hard water, the minerals in the water can attach to the supply pipes. If this occurs, it narrows the pipes, which restricts the amount of water they transfer. When this happens, you will likely see a decrease in your water pressure, and this decrease can affect every fixture in your house.

When your water pressure changes like this, you have a problem that requires a plumber's assistance. You can learn more about plumbing repairs by contacting a plumber near you today.