Understanding the Fundamentals of a Leaky Hose Bib Fixture

Posted on: 4 December 2020

Outdoor hose bibs are a convenient source of water when you're outside. Whether you're hooking up a hose for your yard or you're just looking to regularly wash your vehicle, having an outdoor hose bib is a great way to make all of those tasks easier. However, even outdoor hose bibs are vulnerable to damage. Here's a look at some steps you can take to address a leak before you call your local plumbing service.

Shut Off the Water

The very first thing you should do is turn off the water to the hose bib. Locate the pipe inside your home that runs outside to the hose bib. Along that pipe, inside your home, should be a valve that you can turn to shut the water supply off to the hose bib. This is an important first step to stop the water loss the results from the leak.

Check the Fixture

Once the water has been turned off, the first thing to check is to ensure that the fixture is tight and securely screwed in place. If you're concerned that the leak is a result of some missing plumber's tape, you can have your local plumber remove the hose bib and reinstall it with a proper plumber's tape coating.

Make sure that the packing nut on the hose bib is secure as well. If you cannot tell the condition of the packing nut or you lack the expertise to do so, reach out to your local plumbing contractor for more information. They can inspect it for you.

Clear the Old Fixture Packing

You may be able to resolve a leaky hose bib if you have a plumber remove the hose bib, clear out any old fixture packing and gaskets, then replace both with new material. If the fixture is leaking due to wear on the gasket or damaged packing, this will resolve the leak for you.

Replace the Fixture

If these steps don't stop the fixture from leaking, you may find that the hose bib itself is damaged and needs to be replaced. You can work with a local plumbing service to have a new fixture installed. The new fixture should create a solid, complete seal and prevent a leak.

These are some of the things that you should think about if you're dealing with a leaky hose bib on your house. Click here for more info about plumbing services.