Plumbing Protection Tips For New Homeowners

Posted on: 25 January 2018

As a new homeowner, taking on the responsibility for maintaining your home's plumbing is important. You need to know how to avoid pipe damage in your home, because problems in your home's plumbing can cause a domino effect and may ultimately lead to damage to the water main and other plumbing infrastructure. Here are a few things that you should know to help you avoid plumbing problems in your home and the pipes that lead up to it. [Read More]

A Clear Picture Of Your Home's Plumbing System

Posted on: 10 January 2018

The more you understand the ins and outs of your plumbing system, the better position you are in when it comes to both preventing and repairing issues. This article will teach you how your plumbing system works and point out some possible weaknesses that it may have. How water enters your home Water will enter your home from the main water line. As it comes onto your property via underground pipes, it will be divided and steered to all the different areas of your home that need water such as the kitchen, laundry room, bathrooms, water heater, sprinkler system, etc. [Read More]

Is Your Toilet Loud? 3 Noises You May Be Hearing And What Can Cause Them

Posted on: 11 December 2017

If you notice the toilet in your bathroom is making a lot of weird noises, this is a sign that there is something wrong. Fortunately, you can determine the problem so you can get your toilet repaired. Below are three sounds you may be hearing and what can cause the noises to happen. You can then take the appropriate action to quiet your toilet. Ghost Flushing the Toilet If you notice your toilet flushes on its own, this can quickly cause your water bill to rise. [Read More]

How To Install A New Toilet

Posted on: 16 August 2017

Whether your old toilet is leaking, uses too much water, or is outdated, you can replace that old toilet and install a new one yourself. This is a fairly simple job, but it may require an extra pair of hands to help you carry the toilet and guide it in it's place. See below for instructions on how to install a new toilet. Tools And Materials For The Job: New toilet Crescent wrench Wax ring Level New water supply line Towels Screwdriver Bucket Instructions: [Read More]