• Five Switch And Outlet Upgrades For Your Bedroom

    Your bedroom should be an oasis that you can escape to for sleep and relaxation. Upgrading the switches and outlets in the room can help you better achieve those goals. 1. Dimmer Switches Sometimes you need bright light in your bedroom, such as when cleaning or getting ready in the morning, and other times dimmer lighting is needed, such as in the evening when getting into bed or if you want to set a certain mood. [Read More]

  • Four Types Of Water Line Problems

    When it comes to water lines, breaks and other damage can lead to expensive water wastage or other issues that interrupt your home's water supply. Know the common issues as their symptoms so you can schedule prompt repairs if a problem occurs. 1. Limescale Buildup Limescale is more prevalent in water lines in areas with hard water, but some mineralization can occur if given enough time even with softer water. Limescale is a result of dissolved minerals separating from the water flowing through the lines and attaching them to the interior of the line itself. [Read More]